Sunday, November 28, 2021

Josh Kaul and the Release of the Waukesha Terrorist

As usual, Wisconsin Right Now provides a ton of information you will NEVER find in the broken-down legacy, ass-covering media.

These are the officials who bear some blame for Darrell E Brooks being on the streets:

1. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and his assistant attorney general, Jacob Corr; Brooks had two felony cases in Milwaukee County that were pending when the parade attack occurred; they represented two chances to get him off the streets. In the first case, a 2020 shooting, Judge David Feiss reduced Brooks’ bail to $500, resulting in him going free. Jacob Corr was the state prosecutor who appeared in court for the bail hearing. Records show the state offered Brooks a deal; Corr’s boss, Josh Kaul, won’t say what it was. Chisholm fell on his sword over his assistant’s bail recommendation in Brooks’ other pending felony, but Kaul has said nothing about Corr. His involvement in the case has completely escaped the media radar.

Isn't THAT interesting?

Kaul, desperate for some sort of 'victory' as AG (he's mostly a failure), initiated and ballyhooed a witch-hunt for church-affiliated 'sex predators' about 6 months ago.  Since that ground was already plowed more than 10 years ago, Karpetbagger Kaul found only TWO cases he could refer to a D.A.

Now it appears that Kaul is part of the Democrat Party's "set 'em' free" cabal.  Here, the white-hating terrorist was set loose to massacre six and injure 60 at a Christmas parade.

Smooth move, Josh.  What's your next trick? 

There's plenty more at the link!  Discover the Milwaukee Court Commissioner who really, really, likes domestic abusers!  Find out which Milwaukee judge hates cops!!  Learn which Waukesha County Commissioner doesn't give a damn about child support violations!!  Which Milwaukee County Chief Judge cannot manage scheduling to put repeat-repeat-repeat-repeat offenders into prison!!

Why does Waukesha County have Ms. Lau as a judge?  She could be a fine public defender, after all.... 

Next time you get a traffic ticket, remember this happy crap. 

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William said...

I saw a meme that was enlightening. Brooks was out on low bail for running over his baby momma with his SUV and the Jan 6 folks are still in jail. Yep.