Sunday, November 21, 2021

Gwen Moore, Congressional Idiot

Another alumna of Marquette University gives the Jesuits little pride-bumps for her understanding of the law and of criminal trials.

...Moore said, “I absolutely was not surprised by the verdict. And as soon as I realized that this judge was going to throw out the two very minor misdemeanor counts of his violating curfew as a 17-year-old, being out, and then carrying a weapon as an underaged person, that completely took the pathway, I think, to the conviction of anything further than that. And then he protected this defendant’s character. The jury never heard anything about Rittenhouse’s state of mind shortly after and during this event, when he walked around with a t-shirt saying, ‘Free as F’ and hanging out with white supremacist groups and so on. You know, as a black person, I probably am seeing what a fair trial looks like in some sort of twisted way.”...

It might take a literate person a couple of tries to interpret that diarrhea-of-the-mouth spew, so we'll provide the short form:  Schroeder BAD, Rittenhouse BAD, Trial Totes BAD.

That one--and her glasses--show up in Congress.

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