Friday, November 19, 2021

Biden to Help You Be "Carbon Neutral"

According to Credit Suisse, in order for you to be "carbon neutral" you'll have to give up stuff.  But in the USA, that will actually be very easy to do.

The Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse has called on people to give up red meat, beer, coffee, video games, and vastly reduce the use of showers and dishwashers, in order to be carbon neutral....

BidenFlation will make that easy.  It's the Thunderbottom Plan!

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susan said...

Colonoscopy today because he keeps sh*tting his pants. He's going to oust kackles and install hitlery as vp, then resign to sh*t himself in private. Wonder how long the blond gold-digger's gonna put up with that?....maybe she'll strike some kinda 'deal' with hitlery (?)