Tuesday, April 06, 2021

"Healthcare", Gov. Hutchinson?

So far, Noem and Pence have pretty much eliminated themselves from any future Presidential contests by being archetypical Republican Wusses.

Now Asa Hutchinson joins them in the Hall of Shameful Cowards.

Why did he veto a measure outlawing genital & chemical bodily mutilation/sex changes for under-18 kids?

“This is a government overreach. You are starting to let lawmakers interfere with healthcare and set a standard for legislation overriding healthcare,” Hutchinson said in a Monday news conference...--quoted at RedState.

Oh, that's "healthcare," eh, Asa?  

Someone as ignorant and fearful as you are ought not be in ANY office, including that of dog-catcher.  You'd mutilate the dogs and call it 'healthcare.'

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