Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Biden* Lying About Infra-Bill Costs, Too

The Biden* junta lies about everything.  So it's not a surprise that they're lying about the actual costs of the "Infrastructure" bill.

A report for Wall Street clients analyzing the President’s infrastructure bill concludes that, coupled with accompanying legislation now before Congress, it would cost far more than the $2.25 trillion the administration insists is its price tag.

"The bill is about $1 trillion short in itemized funding that I would have expected to see," the author of the memo told Newsmax...

 So......what's missing?

...the author told Newsmax that "It's awfully nice of them to mention a 10-year extension in tax credits for renewable energy and storage. But, I have seen estimates that would be a $300 or $400 billion item. Where is it in the $2.25 trillion-dollar total that is itemized?"

The same author also pointed out that "the EV [Electric Vehicle] is mentioned [in the Biden proposal], but no funds are specifically allocated. There is no money spelled out for the 10% domestic manufacturing tax credit — something the Brookings Institute estimates at $230 billion. ...

There's more.

But remember:  you are REQUIRED to BELIEVE the lies.

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