Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wiggy Plays the Bait-and-Switch Game

This Wigderson is a sad fellow, indeed.

While letting Hagedorn ramble vaguely about 'personal security' following his not-really-legally-correct decisions of the past several months, Wiggy plays the Bait-and-Switch Game.

...Finally, Trump was incorrect in saying his state lawsuit to overturn Wisconsin’s election was about “fraud.” As National Review’s Andrew McCarthy (a Trump supporter and a former federal prosecutor) pointed out, there were no cases of fraud alleged in the lawsuit.

“First, notice again that no fraud on the part of the voters is alleged,” McCarthy wrote. “All of these claims involve voters who, with no cause to believe otherwise, cast ballots on the assumption that state officials were acting lawfully.”...

The bait-switch word?  "ELECTION"--as in Election Fraud.  Voter fraud was never really the question; it's far too small a factor to twist the Wisconsin election.

Nobody--including Wigderson and the (of late) Trump-bashing McCarthy--has matched ANY signatures on the 240,000 mailed-out mail-in ballots.  NOBODY on the "observer" teams (or recount-observer teams) was allowed to verify a match, either.  The dishonest Dane County clerk played hide-the-ballot with the "vote in the park" electioneering scam; they were deliberately mixed into the large "mail-in" pile.  Did the signatures match?  Were the voters actually residents?  Who knows?

Those are "Election Fraud" matters, not picayune "voter fraud" (also a specialty of the Democrat Party, by the way.) 

As to Hagedorn:  he's more than a little full of himself.  Perhaps he'll reveal all those "threats" some day to demonstrate that his children were about to be..........what?........snatched away?  Given poison candies?


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