Sunday, December 20, 2020

WaPo Worse Than You Thought

A recent commenter here cited a Washington Post (WaPo) story on SCOWI's refusal to consider the Trump complaint.

We were not impressed with the source.  There are plenty of reasons to NEVER take the WaPo seriously.

Here's one:

“Every time you listen to Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” about five people have died from the coronavirus between the beginning and the end of the song.”  --WaPo Tweet, 12/19/20

News you can use, eh?

This stimulated some thought.  Here's the result:

Every time you read a WaPo story, about 5% of your brain cells die traumatized.  --Dad29 Blog, 12/20/20



Anonymous said...

"We were not impressed with the source. There are plenty of reasons to NEVER take the WaPo seriously."

Because the media reported the information that came from politicians, officials, civilians, political scientists, etc. In other words, YOU have to refute what THEY said with counter evidence.

So what is required on your part is to take each point I provided and offer a refutation through reasoning and evidence, rather than taking the easy way out by outright dismissing everything.

The fact of the matter is that when pressed in open court about those eyewitness claims by judges in several jurisdictions, Trump’s lawyers punted. They understood clearly that they had to bring in additional evidence to verify those statements, which they chose not to do. Why?

Dad29 said...

Actually, I don't take orders from you. So when you say that I 'have to' do this, that, or the other thing, you can stick it in your ass.

It being the Christmas season, and all, I'll retract that 'in your ass' part and substitute "up your nose."

Dad29 said...

By the way, WaPo runs .......stuff.......written by Phil Bump on this election.


Certainly has cred, right? We all know that CIA people Never, Ever, LIE, whether under oath or not.

Anonymous said...

At least God is keeping scorecard of your behavior. Even putting in an extra sawbuck or two won't help your soul.