Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Return of Koch-ism?

 Egads.  Can any sentient Republican take this guy's prescription seriously?

The billionaire financier Charles Koch abandoned the Republican Party in the age of President Donald Trump, but he has returned on a white horse following the disputed election to preach the globalist cosmopolitan doctrines that previously had turned the GOP into a national laughingstock.

Koch penned an op-ed for CNN last week in which he urged Republicans to support amnesty for illegal aliens. He framed it as if allowing illegal immigrants to break the law is the “one thing we should all agree on” across the political spectrum.

“Welcoming those who come to the U.S. to make a new life and contribute to society remains a quintessentially American characteristic,” Koch wrote....

Sure, just like "liberating" your possessions from your control, Charlie.  Having trouble mowing your own lawn?

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