Monday, December 28, 2020

Mittens Decries "Free Money"

Mittsy-Poo Romney opens his yapper and decries "free money" for Americans hit by the Chinese Communist virus attack.

If we went to $2,000 per person, the additional borrowing would be up to almost $500 billion,“ Romney told the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce in a virtual event on Sunday. “Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money.


So........let's give the FREE MONEY to Egypt, Israel, Cambodia,  Palestinians, Pakistan,  the FBI's new monument to itself,.........etc., etc.

Makes all the sense in the world, if you're Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Trump gives "free money" in the form of pardons to war criminals. The four Blackwater contract killers who orchestrated the Nisour Square massacre in 2007 have now been freed by Trump. But Trump’s love for war criminals should not be confused for loyalty to the military. Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman who stole funds collected on behalf of needy veterans to buy gifts for his mistresses and flights for his pet rabbit, was also exonerated by the president’s pen.

Given Trump’s Jewish son in law and his close ties to the Jewish community I figured there’d be pardons for a number of Jewish gangsters and criminals. This will probably buy Trump some protection from politically motivated prosecutions when he leaves office.

And I thought Dad29 was a law and order type of guy. Nope!

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