Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Bill "Gun-Grabber" Barr Gone. Oh, Well

The AG has resigned.

Probably a good thing, since he could have done real damage to citizens, given his inclinations.

First, a bit of history:

...Barr stated, under oath, that his chief gun priority would be the Ruby Ridge-like gun confiscation orders (sugar-coated as “red flag laws”).

You may remember that Barr’s federal agents descended on Randy Weaver’s Idaho compound in August, 1992, and (1) shot weaver in the back; (2) shot Weaver’s wife Vicki to death, while she was holding her infant son; (3) shot Weaver’s 14 year-old son to death; and (4) shot Weaver’s dog.

Courts subsequently largely exonerated Weaver, while excoriating the FBI and the Department of Justice....

He also pushed hard for what would become Clinton's "assault"-weapon ban.

...Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, Barr pushed the gun control “grand bargain” which, two years later under Clinton, was to become the biggest blow to the Second Amendment since the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act....

And he really, really, likes "red flag" laws.  Plenty more at the Captain's place (link above).

Riddle me this, Batman:  Why do people in power REALLY hate guns in the hands of the public?

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