Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WalMart Picks Red China in This Fight

Sen. Josh Hawley is ready to challenge the EV in the Senate.  This will end his career there, as Mitch McConnell will woodshed him for the next four years.  So we know that Hawley has balls.

He also picked up an enemy in the process:  WalMart

This is not hard to figure out.  Let's use "FOLLOW THE MONEY" as the crucible here.

WallyWorld buys a very large percentage of its merchandise from Red China, often made with slave labor.  Should Hawley & Co. succeed in their effort to re-affirm Trump's landslide victory in November, US policy towards Red China will not change and Red Chinese goods exported to the USA will incur tariffs.  If anything, they will get larger over time.

That means WallyWorld's margins will shrink, or their suppliers will go out of business, or they will have to raise prices--or all of the above.

So WallyWorld chose Red China in this little battle, not the USA.

Worth remembering.



Anonymous said...

There was no landslide victory by Trump in November. Biden won, but at least Epstein didn't kill himself.

Quaffing too much ceremonial wine?

Anonymous said...

Cocaine Mitch is waltzing through a minefield here. Lots a ways to lose.