Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Jesuit Blatheration

If you're confused after reading this, don't be surprised.

"Democracy has been deeply imperilled over the past years by declining civic awareness in societies that used to enjoy it, and by scant efforts to promote it in others. The rapid spread of various forms of populism and fundamentalism imbued with “religious” ideologies or distortions, have caused this erosion."

But what if populism was voted FOR in a democracy?

There's more blather!!

...“Democracy can fall victim to the pandemic unless we seize this opportunity to foster civic awareness, collective and effective pursuit of the Common Good departing from the self-interests of individuals, groups, social categories or nations in order to tune into the greatest possible good for the whole of humanity, giving priority to the weakest members of society in taking complex decisions.”...

Fr. Sosa has an advanced degree in the old Jesuit "Baffle Them With Bullshit" curriculum.  


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Anonymous said...

Father Sosa should be commended.