Saturday, December 26, 2020

Watch For the Informers

This guy is not wrong.

 ...As we slide into the blazing dumpster fire that will be a Biden administration, just keep a few things in mind. The FBI is sharpening its claws to go after disgruntled Trump supporters. It is not hard to see us getting to a point where merely mentioning that you think the 2020 election was stolen will be enough to put you on the radar of federal law enforcement. You may think you are just talking sh** in the RedState comments section or on Facebook or Twitter or a private email group, but someone is watching you. The guy talking the loudest about how we have to take action to defend our rights is probably on the FBI payroll. If anyone offers to help you do anything that could be considered criminal when taken in its worst light…like making a list of government officials’ home addresses, just for instance…they are on the FBI payroll. If you are even passively involved in a group where such talk takes place, you are putting yourself in jeopardy....

Since the FEEBS are largely incompetent at apprehending real criminals (read:  people spying on Trump's campaign) and isn't real good at nabbing 'domestic terrorists' (see any Fed prosecutions of Antifa yet?), they'll be happy to bulk up apprehensions of "domestic terrorists."

Yes, that's exactly the pattern of Stasi and KGB.  So?

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