Thursday, December 17, 2020

Global Fascists Rising on Channel 12(!!)

When the Biden Globaloney Bunch (thank you, Red China!!) get into office, you'll hear a lot more of this stuff filling the air.

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widespread, could a card proving recipients have been vaccinated soon be required to get on a plane, go to a concert or sporting events?...

...Anit Mukherjee with the Center for Global Development said some sort of technology is needed to verify whether have had the vaccine.

He added that such identification requirements are almost a certainty for a return to normal.

"There would be gatekeepers, as I call them, at different places, be it at your workplace or your office when you go in, or a stadium to watch the Bucks play," Mukherjee said. "They would require some form of assurance that you have been vaccinated."

He said that was needed for the greater public good.

"We need to think of how we approach this in a very careful manner, but also understanding that this is the future," Mukherjee said. "There will be other pandemics and we need to be prepared."...

The first question I have is this:  How the Hell did a local reporter just happen to call the "Center for Global Development" in D.C.?  Is this outfit in his Rolodex?  

The second question:  Will they demand your papers in German or English? 

Well, then.  Have a look at the Board of Directors for that outfit and you will see the end of "America First" as you scroll through.

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newguy40 said...

"Will they demand your papers in German or English?"

Good one. But doesn't matter, you'll get it from the tone of voice and the black leather trenchcoat, homburg, pince nez AND face diaper.