Thursday, December 31, 2020

CoVid-19. Really??

Interesting item here.  Perhaps there IS no "CoVid-19."  I'll excerpt only a graf.  See the link.

...The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted that it has no specimens of the virus available.  That among the most powerful, most resourceful government health agencies on the planet wouldn’t have had the virus at its disposal from day one, to say nothing of possessing it nine months into the ubiquitous imposition of “Social Distancing” mandates that have deleteriously affected the lives of as many as one billion men, women, and children throughout the Earth can only mean that COVID-19 has never been isolated, purified, extracted—as viruses are supposed to be....

OK, then.

What the Hell does the vaccine do?

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Evangeline said...

I'm no expert, but as I've read it, it teaches your body to attack spike proteins, an entirely novel way of mounting a defense against Covid. Novel = untested to the usual standards and not ever done before. So they have no real idea what changes it affects in your body or mine, but they are concerned about some things. Example: We all have spike proteins, as they are needed for developing a placenta for babies, and for sperm production. So what happens when the body attacks spike proteins? Might it render people infertile? There is some concern about that, because some places were advising men to consider freezing their sperm before the vaccine.

In addition, they use PEG, Polyethylene Glycol, to deliver the vaccine. There is a chance people can become allergic or sensitive to it, and future vaccines may be a problem for people.
Apparently, the vaccine doesn't last long, people need a second shot, but even after the two the effect of the vaccine may not last long. It may turn out people need to be jabbed every couple of months.
There is an abortion link, however remote.
They do not really know the long-term effects of these jabs. They were not tested on animals, there is no long-term study. So a completely new way of addressing a coronavirus, coupled with no long-term studies and a potential threat to childbearing for mankind. What could go wrong.