Saturday, December 19, 2020

Doddering Tom Barrett Has a Cop Problem

There's a reason that intelligent people fear "Frankie" Gimbel.  He's really, really, good.  

Not only did he secure a nice fat pile of money for his client, CHIEF Morales--he also got him his job back, retroactive to the day Doddering Tom's crooked Fire/Police Commission fired him.

Talk about a victory....

...What will happen next remains uncertain.

The ruling comes as the commission continues to search for a permanent police chief after deadlocking on two external candidates. 

Foley only reversed the decision and did not give further instructions — something he said he could not do because of the commission's own failures....

Another step closer to Doddering Tom's "retirement"--which will be due to 'health' or 'family' considerations, of course.

Meantime, Milwaukee's murder count for 2020 is well over 200 and Milwaukee remains the tenth-most-violent City in the entire country--a story you NEVER heard or saw in local "news" sources.

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