Saturday, December 19, 2020

How About a New Party??

Well, yes, what about a NEW Party, not Republican, not Democrat?

D'Souza, who is a reliable Establishment Pubbie, attempts to knock that idea down.  In the background, you can hear faint yelling "Long Live the TURTLE!!"  "Long Live D.C!!!"

But Sundance demolishes D'Souza handily.

...A new party, ie. ‘THE’ new party, would not be a carve out within the Republican club.  A new party would be a coalition party of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  Need proof of the scale, look at the 2020 election for Trump.  That’s the (fill__blank) party.

A new party would be a SECOND party to the UniParty occupants currently pushing more big government in Washington DC.  The fact that we have decades worth of evidence (Patriot Act, Wall Street Lobbyists, K-St. etc.), and specifically the past ten years (omnibus spending bills, limitless debt ceiling, massive wasted stimulus, political bailouts, QE1/QE2, Obamacare, college tuition takeover etc.) shows that both Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same big government bird.

The fear of “splitting the GOP” is the weaponized talking point of the GOP leadership who use that fear as a weapon to remain in power.  Those who listen to that threat are suffering from battered conservative syndrome....

On a smaller scale, look at the UniParty in Madistan.  The Republicans did diddley-squat PRIOR to the Election Fraud of 2020, and have sat on their collective asses SINCE then, too.  (Do you hear a Special Session noise?  I don't.)

Tommy Thompson (Spend-and-Bond) is still regarded as a hero despite submitting a UW System budget request with Big Dollars attached--some of the least-efficient dollars measured across the field of State U's across the entire USA.  Good move, Tommy!!

Democrats, having pulled off Industrial-Scale grand election larceny, are exceptionally quiet except for their BLM (insurrection) branch.  They're quiet because they're happy, of course--and because they don't want to emphasize their BLM connections, their tax-appetite, and their No Cops Anywhere desires.  If you want to see their agenda, look no further than Milwaukee or Madison.  It's there, in living color.

So who needs Vos?  Thompson?  The Madison Establishment Fat-Dumb-Happy Republicans?

Who, indeed??

And which Democrat voters of the "normie" class needs BLM, sky-high taxes, Trannies, and No Cops Anywhere?

None of them.   

So yah, let's discuss a New Party.

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