Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Parable for Today

Y'all remember "parables," right?  They told more than one story at the same time.  So here's a parable for 2020 Republicans and Conservatives with a question at the end.

Joe decides to buy a car and sees your offering on the 'net.  You're asking $5,000.00 for the car and Joe thinks that's a good price.

So he comes over to your place and hands you the $5,000.00 in cash.  But you didn't know that $1,000.00 of that money was counterfeit.

So you gave him the keys to the car and a signed title and Joe drove away to his job as a lifeguard at a local pool where he entertained children with his leg-hairs.

Question:  did Joe actually buy the car?

You'll be unhappy to learn that the Wisconsin Supreme Court failed this one-question test.

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