Friday, December 18, 2020

11th Circuit: Cops Have NO DUTY to Protect

That's the ruling on the appeal in the Parkland mass-shooting.

You all recall that one, featuring "R.O.D" (Retired On Duty) Deputy Broward-Coward Peterson, and "Sheriff" Scott Israel, right?

Where the loony-tune kid--that everyone knew was loony-tune--showed up and Broward Coward watched from behind the door, or whatever, and kids were massacred?

Too bad, so sad.

The decision is interesting.  See especially the couple of grafs regarding "custodial" of the kids, especially when the Publick Screwels tell you your kid must take Sex-Pervert Ed.....

So your Superintendent doesn't give a rip, and so the "guards" prefer to hide?


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