Sunday, December 27, 2020

Andrew McCarthy Is Ignorant on Antrim County

Like the author of this essay, I enjoy McCarthy's essays.

When he knows what he's talking about.

But he hasn't a clue about the real problems in the Antrim County election fraud, as the author demonstrates.

Worse:  McCarthy's ignorance is echoed by a lot of elected officials and then repeated by the Narrative-Driven "Press."

This is the same level of ignorance, whether deliberate or feigned, being applied to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the rest of Michigan, not to mention Arizona and Nevada.  What's sad is that McCarthy bought into this.


Anonymous said...

You’re missing the crucial point which is that the people who voted for Biden were not voting for Biden, they were voting against Trump. They didn’t care who the Democrat candidate was, they just wanted Trump gone.

The election was essentially a one-issue election. It was a referendum on whether Trump should remain president or whether he should go. And people on both the “Trump must stay” and “Trump must go” sides were incredibly highly motivated. Unfortunately for Trump the “Trump must go” side outnumbered the “Trump must stay” side.

Given that it was an election like no other it’s only to be expected that voter behavior was going to be very different compared to other elections. And people on both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump sides really saw the question of whether Trump should go as being much more important than any ordinary election. Both sides saw it as a matter of survival – the pro-Trump side thought the country was doomed if he lost while the anti-Trump thought the country was doomed if he won. Therefore it was only to be expected that both pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters voted in unprecedented numbers.

So it’s not the least bit surprising that voter turnout was abnormally high and it’s not surprising that the election did not conform to the normal patterns.

What Trump supporters and populists have to face is that the people who hated Trump outnumbered the people who loved him. He was something new – a populist who was relatively unpopular.

Dad29 said...

Nice opinion. Evidence-free, too!!

And that's NOT 'the point' with Antrim County.