Monday, December 14, 2020

Sidney Powell Speaks

This interview is worth the 10 minutes it'll take you.  No big words (easy for Democrats) and comprehensive.

The more you look around, the more it's clear:  she's on to something very, very, big. 

Yes, Bernie Sanders won California's primary--except for Dominion machines which 'shaved' votes.  And just like Scott Walker in '16, Bernie threw in the towel.

So here's a question:  even though Wisconsin has very few Dominion machines, were they programmed to push Biden totals up by--say--10%?  Just a 'nudge'?

And when that failed, how many ballots were re-run, re-run, and re-run through Dane and Milwaukee Counties--or were suddenly "found" and brought into the old Blue Cross building ("central count") in Milwaukee to finish what the algorithm could not?


Anonymous said...

Dallas' "Allied Security Operations Group"—behind the disinformation-fueled attack on Michigan's certification for Biden is traced directly to Flynn--his associate "served as an intelligence operations leader under DIA Flynn."

So Trump *pardoned* Michael Flynn *in the midst of* a longtime Flynn associate being part of the management of an entity working to undermine Biden's win in Michigan—and found by Michigan officials to have lied about elections data. Cybersecurity-scam-for-pardon bribery case!

Of course. Erik Prince's connections to the Michigan Republican Party and to Flynn—and for that matter, Prince's connections to Trump and to dodgy cybersecurity outfits--are well-known.

Donald Trump is *right now* tweeting about the Michigan lawsuit that shows Flynn was connected to *while he was seeking a pardon from Trump* through his attorney and Trump's attorney--Sidney Powell.

So it is a cybersecurity-scam-for-pardon bribery case coordinated by their mutual lawyer!

Dad29 said...

Life would be so much better for you if you understood and utilized English syntax.

Frankly, I have NO idea what you're trying to say, except you suspect that the analysis was done by friends of Flynn so therefore Flynn was pardoned.

Of course, you state all that WITHOUT EVIDENCE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you know exactly what I am saying, you just won't admit it.

Dad29 said...

No. Clarify for us! Please!!

Anonymous said...

So what if a Flynn associate is uncovering election data manipulation in Michigan. Or anywhere else. Cyber security folks do, you know, cyber security. You want a child daycare worker looking into it?