Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Contra the Trump-Deranged

The Trump-Deranged--which includes a good chunk of the Wisconsin Republican Party administration--insist that the 'loss of suburban women' was a major factor in Trump's loss.

They state that because The Poll Gods Say So.  Yes, the very same Poll Gods who had Trump behind by up to 17 points in Wisconsin.......sure.

They prefer to forget that there were ZERO audits of "suburban" mail-in votes.  So this little item is interesting:

A new report from Department of Justice adviser John Lott concludes that up to 368,000 “excess votes” tipped election outcomes to favor Joe Biden in critical swing states....

By the way:  did the suburbs use Sequoia voting machines?  After all, Sequoia is a property of Dominion.

Trump won.  Biden lost.  Fraud does not make "victory."


Anonymous said...

Trump lost. Biden won. There was not this massive, perpetual, widespread fraud that Trump's lawyers claimed.

Evangeline said...

Well Anonymous said so and used absolutely no evidence whatsoever so that proves it. Case closed. So say all these TDS sufferers, who are apparently savvy enough to realize their guy did not win, and Trump likely did. They don't care about how their candidate gets in, as long as he does. Here's the difference between Republicans and Democrats.
Democrats don't seem to care if fraud was involved. As long as Trump is gone.
Republicans would honor a Joe Biden presidency, as they did Obama's, if he had actually won. But he didn't. If Democrats cared at all about integrity and truth, they would want a vetting process, even a re-vote, so that their guy would get the respect a president deserves, something they denied our guy for the last 5 years. But Republicans are made of different stuff, they actually care about integrity and truth.
Over 70 million Americans feel they were cheated and our election process is so corrupt it may not be worth voting at all. That cannot stand. We deserve and demand due process. The Supreme Court may not feel over 70 million American voters have standing, but WE do.

Anonymous said...

I would say a percentage of that 70 million Americans felt they were cheated.

There was a vetting process, as even Republicans went through in several states and admitted there was not the evidence of widespread election/voter fraud as alleged by Trump's lawyers. They didn't even allege it in their court appearances.

Dad29 said...

Time Mag-a-Rag has not been a reliable source of info since at least the 1960's when it was FORBIDDEN to cite them in high school debate. It's been a tool of the CIA since the '50's, too.

Something like SEVENTY percent of Republicans think the election was stolen, and almost half the ENTIRE country agrees--if you believe the polls on the question.

So yah. Trump won, Biden lost.

Anonymous said...

You have to dispute the contents of the source, not the source itself. That is intellectual laziness on your part.

To some extent, the poll responses are driven by ignorance. Higher levels of political knowledge correlate with a lower likelihood of believing conspiracy theories are about “probably true.” The less people know about politics, the more plausible anything seems. Political psychology research has revealed a phenomenon known as “motivated reasoning,” in which people process information not to reach an objectively correct conclusion, but to bolster what they already believe.

So, no, Biden won. At least Epstein didn't kill himself.

Of course, if you and your patriots feel differently, then storm D.C. on January 6, overtake the building where Congress is certifying the votes, and put Trump back in office. Guns and ammo, right? Otherwise, you are letting the "coup" happen right before your eyes. Now is the time to put up or shut up.

Dad29 said...

the poll responses are driven by ignorance.

Thanks. You fell right into that trap and made it obvious, too!

In Wisconsin, Trump had coat-tails but no coat. And those of us who spent 12 hours "observing" the recount "observed" not one damn thing--by design.

In Georgia, suitcases full of fake ballots determined the election. In PA., a truckload of ballots was shipped NV, it was illegals and non-residents. No thorough audits are allowed anywhere.