Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tin-Pot Tony Did This Right

If for nothing else, this woman deserves a medal:

...Pechacek is now focusing on other issues facing the department, such as confusion caused by the wording of questions on initial and weekly unemployment applications. The department has hired a vendor to help rewrite the questions using easier-to-understand "plain language." 

In part, the backlog that occurred after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic was due to confusion over questions, Pechacek said, which were answered wrong, forcing people into adjudication. ...

Pechacek is the new DWD honcho appointed by Tin-Pot.  Score one for Tin-Pot.  It's lonely, but it's a score.

The language used in the questions, by the way, is one very significant part of the 'another world' syndrome in which Madison (and D.C.) lives.  Since you don't understand it, it is YOUR fault--and if you don't like it, hire a lawyer.

See how that works?

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