Sunday, December 20, 2020

Just Lay Back and Enjoy It!, Part II

Unlike many "Republican" poohbahs who enjoy the soft tyranny because it pays well, we shall not "lay back and enjoy it."

When you win a record low 17% of counties, lose Black & Hispanic support, lose 18/19 Bellwether Counties, lose Ohio, Florida, & Iowa -- and lose 27/27 House "Toss-Ups" -- but you shatter the popular vote record

That from "Kanekoa the Great", quoted at meaning in history.

 Math is hard for some.  For others, it's an opportunity to cash in by writing fiercely-resistant columns (paid for, of course!!) and harvest bucks from rubes and not-so-rubes.  Watch Sykes (e.g.) spill gallons of pixels decrying every. damn. thing. that BidenHarris does. 

As any fool can plainly see, we don't do this professionally.  We just Give A Damn about this country's future.

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