Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Next WI Legis Session Must Consider......

Useful proposals from Florida and Texas.

...DeSantis’ and Abbott’s proposals include something that actually does work: not just thinking about dissuading individual leftists; they’re targeting supporting infrastructure. DeSantis would allow allow people to sue for governmental negligence in protecting people or property from violent or disorderly assembly, and attach RICO liability to anyone funding or organizing a violent or disorderly assembly. Abbott’s proposals included making “aiding and abetting riots with funds or organizational assistance” a felony requiring mandatory jail time, and empowering Texas’s Attorney General “to pursue civil penalties against people and organizations” involved. This has the potential to cause considerable damage to their movements....

Since the police department in Kenosha went to ground during the insurrection, DeSantis' bill would allow citizens to sue the City for damages.  Sure, the money would come from taxes (which will go UP)--but one or two successes should be enough to make a campaign issue, no?

Similarly, Abbott's proposal goes after the money behind Burn/Loot/Murder (which just might have some leftover goulash drool on it) and makes the funder(s) into cellmates of Bubba.

Hell, that would be FUN!! 

Of course, Hagedorn would vote both down if given the chance.

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