Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Courts? We Have No "Courts"

Justice Ziegler on "Government Man" Hagedorn's run-away-and-hide opinion:

...Annette Ziegler, in a dissent, wrote, “The majority seems to create a new bright-line rule that the candidates and voters are without recourse and without any notice should the court decide to later conjure up an artificial deadline concluding that it prefers that something would have been done earlier. That has never been the law, and it should not be today. It is a game of ‘gotcha.'” She denied that the Trump campaign unreasonably delayed raising the issues, saying it was challenging ballots.

She noted, “The majority should state what the law is.” She accused the majority of placing “the will of this court and the will of the Wisconsin Elections Commission above the express intent of the legislature...

When there are no courts, redress of grievance gets spicy.

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Anonymous said...

Zeigler and company got demolished.