Thursday, December 17, 2020

"News"paper Pushes Race War

 Hook, line, and sinker

The UW-Madison campus harbors a "news" outlet called WisconsinWatch.  Just as 2+2=4, the UW-harbored "news" is a Lefty rag, and it doesn't take much to figure that out.

Here's their sub-head in a story which is a tongue-bath of the City of Milwaukee's election head:

Facing intense scrutiny, Claire Woodall-Vogg fought against ‘racially motivated’ attempts to suppress voting in the 2020 election

It's all about race don'cha know!!!

By the way, Woodall-Vogg did a crappy job of "fighting" racism--another story by the same outfit quoted an inner-city activist saying that 'black voter turnout' did NOT increase in the election.  (So where did Biden get all those votes??)

Both Doddering Tom Barrett and Woodall-Vogg, not to mention most of Milwaukee's Common Council, are pouring as much gasoline as possible onto the "race war" narrative.

It's not only tiresome, its shameful--and very dangerous.


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