Tuesday, December 22, 2020

UN Enviro-Wackies

Found in an actually-responsible publication.

The organization [...], the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) releases the yearly Chicken Little study called the “Emission Gap Report.”  ...In it, the UNEP warns that there is “nothing we can do to stop” a 3-degree temperature rise, with ensuing ice cap melt and sea level rise, that puts low-lying countries like The Maldives on a horrifying 10-year trajectory towards becoming a modern Atlantis
That was their 1989 report.  

So in 2020.....

...This recent UNEP report echoes the same boring chorus of inevitable anthropomorphic catastrophe, but with a unique 2020 perspective. The coronavirus pandemic and worldwide draconian lockdowns have afforded UNEP an opportunity to assess the actual environmental impact from the global economy grinding to a halt. What does a year of virtually no travel, no flights, no commuting, and little global commerce mean for the earth? Actually, it would be welcomed.  In fact, the UNEP sees the recent economic catastrophe as just a baby step toward true environmental improvement, and the report calls for five times—yes, five times—more drastic actions. “[C]ountries must collectively increase their NDC (nationally determined contributions) ambitions… more than fivefold to get on track to the 1.5°C goal.” ...

Aside from the IdiotPress and the Professional Climate-Grifter class, who believes this bullshit?

Oh, yah.  Pope Francis.

The author of the essay (read it all here) is concerned with realistic energy solutions for regular Americans--the ones who vote for Trump--the Deplorables.  He won the election and will have four more years to de-fund this bunch of jerks.  Please God, he will.

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