Sunday, December 27, 2020

Neocons On the Offensive, Part 2

(Not that Neocons have to work to be offensive, but.........)

Below we mentioned a WaExam slam on Lin Wood using the "conspiracy theory" spray-paint--akin to the "white nationalist" phrase used as a slur by The Enlightened Ones.  See, it's either 'you're raaaayyyciss' or 'you're craaay-cray!'  That's 'argumentation' to them.

Predictably enough, this thing is becoming a full-court press with the wagging nanny-finger of someone called "Drew Holden" at--of all places--PJB's outfit.

...Millions of Trump supporters have refused to accept this, insisting that there are millions of illegal votes currently counted for President-elect Biden that shouldn’t be. And alongside them, there are countless conservatives who are too fearful to tell their voters, their listeners, their readers, and their subscribers the unpleasant truth that they have lost....

It's the fault of Conservative Republicans!!!

...But this has been less than a Profiles in Courage moment even among the rest of the Republican Party ecosystem. Despite this spectacle, plenty of conservatives—seemingly of good faith—have been conspicuously absent while millions of their fellows spout nonsense.

Where were the 2024 hopefuls—the Nikki Haleys, the Josh Hawleys, the Kristi Noems—who should have said unequivocally that Donald Trump lost the election? In the Senate, Ted Cruz is a constitutional scholar, someone who, alongside Senator Tom Cotton, was on President Trump’s shortlist of SCOTUS nominees. Why hasn’t he said in no uncertain terms that these efforts are a circus, and a harmful one at that?...

This would be more interesting instead of utterly boring if the essayist would quote anything other than such Reliable Sources as the Ga. Sec-State, or citing SCOTUS' crab-walk.  After all, counting the same votes in the same way TWICE is proof that there's no problem, see?  Let's not talk about signature matching.

You'll see more of this stuff; the crescendo will be on until at least January 6th. 

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