Sunday, December 27, 2020

Ready for Riots in Wisconsin??

Looks like the Kenosha DA will NOT charge Kenosha cop Sheksey with any crimes following his shooting of Jacob Blake.

...Sources familiar with an investigation into Sheskey’s actions affirm that they expect the seven-year veteran of the Kenosha Police Department to be exonerated by the end of next week, with District Attorney Michael Graveley formally declining to bring charges against Sheskey for the shooting of Blake. Graveley is expected to cite Blake’s commission of potential felonies and possession of a deadly weapon as factors justifying Sheskey’s shooting of the rape suspect, summarizing his findings in a report....

As you might expect, the insurrectionist-rioters are probably going to show up.

...Kenosha police are preparing for mass-scale riot events after Sheskey is formally cleared and officers are being assigned mandatory 12-hour shifts....

If last time was an indicator, Gov. Evers will send the National Guard a week or so after Kenosha burns down to the ground.  He doesn't like being disturbed during his nap-time.

The rioting following the announcement will be just the beginning.  You can expect a war of attrition just like the one in Wauwatosa until Sheksey departs the job.

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Anonymous said...

Let it burn.