Thursday, December 24, 2020

Oooooh NOOOOES!! Gummint Shutdown???

Now we'll have the Shutdown Circus from the press, which is another gaslight operation like the 'no evidence', 'masks work',  and 'Russian disinfo' piles of crap.  If you still believe what these jackals tell you, you're hopeless.

Government employees will get a (fully-paid) vacation, and in January the threats, coercion, and condescending attitude will resume.

Also in January:  Trump will prevail in the Senate.


Steve Scott said...

I hope you’re right about Trump prevailing in the Senate. I’m prone to pessimism on most things, including this. But, possibly like some other pessimists, I hope to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mr. Scott, VP Pence will save the day.

Then again, no.

Pence’s constitutional role is to “open” the certificates. That’s it. Not to certify, not even technically to count. He has no way even to purport to change the count. Pence doesn’t have discretion to ignore or dismiss selected states.