Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What Happens to Souls Formed by This Guy?

So.........if you are a Catholic living in Luxembourg and this Cardinal is responsible for your faith-formation (because as a Bishop, he IS responsible for that), and you die believing some of the crap he's pushing (because this silliness cannot be the ONLY silliness).......

What happens to your soul?

What if he taught you that artificial birth control is fine and dandy?  What if he taught you that extra- or pre-marital sexual relations is no problem? 

Sure, your parents may have said otherwise, but they are not Bishops, are they?

What about homosexual activity, or "marriage"?

How's that particular judgment going to work, anyhow?  Can you get away with the old Adam-speak:  "The woman (Bishop).....told me so."  Were you supposed to get your own copy of the Catechism and do the counter-study??  Were you obliged in conscience to do so?

What if your ONLY faith-formation was from this .........ahh........fellow and his priests?


Aqua said...

When I came into the Church, that is exactly what they taught us in RCIA. The final straw for me was the strong assertion that we *must* (not may) respect a woman’s right to choose abortion. I was furious; led a mini-revolt within the class; ultimately left; almost for good. As a non-denom Protestant, I knew enough then that Jesus Christ is Lord and does not tolerate sin and murder as a personal preference.

Anyway, we left that crappy class, found an orthodox Parish and RCIA, came into the Church there. Then we found FSSP and were formed there. But these people never went away. They are a cancerous rot inside the Church, sapping our walls at the base. All of the crap they ever tried to teach me was not fringe but core. They truly did, and do, represent the Catholic Church I belong to.

I don’t know what to do about it except board the SSPX life boat and remain attached to the tether of Tradition.

Dad29 said...

From what you say, it looks like FSSP is doing fine. SSPX is an alternative, but is a bit.....ahhh......dicey--like for example, regarding marriages, which are not necessarily licit; depends on the Diocesan bishop.

That can become a very messy situation.

Can you disclose the name/location of the parish which instructed you that you MUST allow abortion?

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