Thursday, October 31, 2019

Vindman (LtCOL USA) Has Excess Memory Complex

From what Ace reports, it would seem that LtCol Vindman, decorated US Army hero and Ukrainian-American, may have a memory disorder

Specifically, he remember shit that wasn't said.

A source with knowledge of the testimony in these fake impeachment hearings tells me that there were four professional transcribers who were listening in on the call, for purposes of preparing a written transcript. The four people wrote down what they each heard, then brought their transcriptions together, harmonized them, and decided as a group what the best transcript of the call was....

...That's standard protocol. Apparently they don't tape these recordings. That's why they have people transcribing the calls in real time.

They all agreed on the transcript that Trump released.

Now, they specifically refute Vindman's claim that there were Secret Messages during that phone call that were not included in the transcript. Vindman kept attempting to change the transcript, or add his notes of whatever auditory hallucination his Deep State pals told him that he heard, and the four transcribers kept rejecting them, saying "that wasn't said" or "none of us heard that" or the like.

All four of them denied this.

All four.

One, two, three, four.

Tell me:

Are four random civil servant transcribers all part of the Trump campaign? Has Trump "gotten" to them all?...
More interesting:  what the Hell is LtCol Vindman, USA and war-hero, trying to pull here?

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter in the least what Vindman said. His sole usefulness was the false projection of uniformed military dissatisfaction with Trump. Dumbass didn't even get his full fifteen minutes of fame. He and Blasey-Ford should get together for a commiserative exchange of experience on being used, abused, and kicked to the curb by Pelosi, LLC.