Sunday, August 04, 2019

Shall We Talk About Satan?

The Left wants the shooters to be Rightists; the Right wants them to be Leftists.

Nope.  The MOST significant influence in their recent lives is Satan.  Death is his thing.

We desperately want the false comfort of "They're nuts."


They are not "nuts."  They are in the grip of Satan.

How they got there is anyone's guess.

UPDATE:  The Dayton murderer has a couple of Satanist clothing-patches.  

There are a lot more of them around.  Some are 'civilized,' like the doctors who have mass-murdered 56+ million Americans by abortion.  That's 56 million times that innocent human lives have been taken.  Looks like an 'example' to me.

Maybe we should talk a bit more about Satan.  And his friends at Abortion, Inc., here in the USA.

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