Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wisconsin, Progressives, and Sterilization

About eleven years ago, we published an item related to Wisconsin's "Progressives" and their passage of a bill forcing sterlization on certain prisoners and mental-hospital inmates.  It was eugenics, pure and simple, and the associated Big Names will be interesting to history lovers.  (Hoyt, McGovern, Rodgers, Van Hise....)

The source document link we used at the time has gone dead, but we found a couple of very good substitutes which 'splain the whole thing in excruciating detail.

Recall that in the early 1900's, "Progressives" were also Republicans (Teddy Roosevelt, anyone?) and that--to some degree--explains the near-unanimous voting pattern of Wisconsin Catholics:  pro-Democrat.

Things changed, eh?  The Eugenics crowd--the Sanger-ites--found a new home in the Democrat Party and got their bloodiest wish:  abortion on demand.

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