Monday, August 12, 2019

HR 8's "Universal Registration" Trap

The......ummmnnnn......shall we call them "tyrants"? the House of Representatives are putting forth HR 8, which will be the "universal registration" bill.

There are lots of problems with the bill described at this link.  The worst is this:

...The bill has a known built-in loophole that can only be closed by mandating universal gun registration. A loophole the anti-gunners will demand be fixed as soon as the bill becomes law. As proposed, there is no way for the government to enforce the law, as there is no way to know whether or not a person who purchased a gun from a private individual actually had a background check performed. When confronted by law enforcement, an individual could tell which dealer performed the check and hope that that dealer properly kept records. But a person who violated the law could simply refuse to answer any questions, and other than searching every paper record of every dealer in the country, there is no way law enforcement could determine whether or not the check was performed. The only way to prevent this is to mandate universal gun registration. The anti-gunners would love to implement such a requirement today, but they know it is not politically viable. They are choosing instead to get half today and the rest tomorrow. ...
Don't be suckered or fooled by Republicans who swear they are "pro-2A" but who vote for this.  They are not stupid; they know about this loophole, and only hope that YOU don't know about it, and/or that they get the Hell out of office before the SHTF.

In other words, people like Dan Crenshaw, who should find a job modeling Arrow shirts instead of lying about "gun control."

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