Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Lizzie Warren Courts the Rust Belt?

Senator "I'm-a-gonna get me a beer" Warren figured out why Trump won the Midwest's votes, and is going directly after the same bloc.  But there's a major 'missing link' here....

....“In a Warren administration, government policy will support American workers. I call it ‘Economic Patriotism.’

“We’ll create a new federal agency - the Department of Economic Development – to replace the Commerce Department and a handful of other federal agencies.

“We’ll pull them all together and this new agency will have a single mission: to defend and create American jobs. And, we’ll direct the new agency to use aggressive new tools, tools that other countries have used successfully, we’ll use them to boost American workers.

“This is not a question of more government or less government. It’s about who government works for....
(That's also a direct shot at Biden, of course, who is openly supporting Communist China by repeatedly stating that 'China is not a threat.' )

So what's that 'missing link'?

Warren doesn't mention mass illegal immigration.  Her statement leaves a HUGE 'hole in the wall', so to speak; Lizzie Fauxcahontas carefully steps around the question:  what is an 'American worker'?

One guess why that happened....

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