Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pocan Loves Him Some Terrorists!

Mark Pocan, (D-LaLaLand) has a thing for banning "assault weapons".

Except for "assault weapons" used by Mohammedan terrorists.

Pocan is one of a very few Members of Congress who have been hand-picked and groomed by Miftah, a terrorist-tied, anti-Semite, blood-libel outfit.  I'm sure that Madistan is proud of him for it.

Oh, and who else was hand-picked?  The women Tlaib and Omar.  (Omar's marital history and randiness are becoming legend, by the way.  Soon she'll be in the Clinton-class....)

Well, Mark, here in the Normie World, we're not giving up any "assault" weapons.  But feel free to stop over and demand them from us.


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