Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Amazonian Weather Prayers

As far as we know, the "Amazonian Synod" called by Pp. Francis will not directly address the "climate crisis."  (Yes, I know, it's not a "crisis."  Yes, I know, it's merely another get-rich-quick scheme cooked up by all the Usual Suspects in 'academy' and government--plus the grifter-contractors such as Elon Musk.)

I digressed.

Here's how Ancient Amazonian Region tribes handled climate problems.

...Archaeologists have discovered the bodies of 227 kids at what they believed is the largest child sacrificial site ever recorded.

It's believed the youngsters were killed as part of a ritual to honour gods and stop bad weather in Trujillo, Peru. 

The children - aged between four and 14 - were killed approximately up to 1,400 years ago and buried in a mass grave in Huanchaco, northern Peru.

Pictures released by the experts show some of the skeletons have skin, hair and were wearing silver earmuffs....
Remember:  Pp. Francis believes that we have much to learn from Amazonian natives.

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