Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Car Tech Stuff: Pain in the A**

No surprises here at all.

..."Automakers are spending lots of money on advanced technology development, but the constant alerts can confuse and frustrate drivers," said Kolodge. "If they can't be sold on lane-keeping -- a core technology of self-driving -- how are they going to accept fully automated vehicles?"

The study also found that built-in entertainment and connectivity apps are not meeting owners' expectations. Among the 29 percent of owners who have discontinued use of built-in apps, 46 percent say they "do not need it" and 18 percent say they "have another device that performs the function better."...
Now for the Idiot-Savant of The Month winner!!

...Carla Bailo, CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, told Automotive News in July there is a need to educate consumers about in-vehicle technology.

"The automated driver assistance systems that are now on vehicles," Bailo said, "sixty percent of people are turning them off. Why? Because they don't understand how they operate. So they're beeping at them; they hate the beeping, they don't know how to change the settings, so they're just turning it off."...
Sorry, Carla, but the consumers ARE "educated" by dealership personnel at the time of delivery.  And there are "Owner's Manuals" provided with every car. 

Get this through your thick head, Carla:  THEY DON'T WANT THIS STUFF.

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Anonymous said...

The most useful features on my '19 Highlander are the climate controls, the sunroof, and the SiriusXM. And the driver's seat. Definitely the seat. You know you're old when seat comfort matters.

Haven't had occasion to use the winter driving modes yet.