Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wiggy Finally Outs His NeverTrump Feelz

One would hardly expect that the man who inherited Sykes' web-page would actually be a supporter of OrangeManBad.  But Wigderson managed to tiptoe up to the line--until today's agit-prop.

Commenting on a 'nothing' story about bus wraps and Art Museum airheads, Wiggy finishes with a  flourish:

...given the hyper-political environment which we find ourselves in, especially after the president makes resentment of immigrants a centerpiece of his political rhetoric?
Sure, Wiggy. 

The President should, instead, encourage and compliment Federal law-breakers, especially those with MS-13 or drug-gang ties, or DUI-and-vehicular manslaughter charges?  Or Social Security-number fraudsters?  Sure, Wiggy.

The President has been very clear:  LEGAL immigrants are exactly what the US wants and needs, Wiggy's shameful propaganda notwithstanding.

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