Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Gulag in the USA

"It can't happen here!!"--unless it DID happen here, as in the case of Steve Stockman

All you need to know about the case is this graf:

...The government organizations and people on whom Stockman blew the whistle are the very ones who tried and secured his conviction — the FBI, DOJ and IRS....
We hasten to add that this occurred during the Obama Administration.

But as we know now, FBI, DOJ, and IRS remain filled-to-the-brim with Obama/Alinsky Ruling Class thugs who put on their jackboots every morning.  (This in contrast to EEOC/EPA Ruling Class people who put on their pink tutus every morning.  See below thread.)

Oh, yes....Paul Ryan was making campaign plans with Mittens and just could not possibly take the time to assist Stockman.  Too bad, eh?

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