Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Who Needs Your Steeenkin' Laws?

An interesting little tale with a lesson at the end.

Short story:  teenager runs mouth on the 'net about 'shooting FBI agents' and rants about Bill Clinton's slaughter of the Waco people.  Teenager lives with his father.  FEEEBS raid father's house:

...Agents found plenty of firepower in Olsen’s father’s home, though it’s unclear how much of it the 18-year-old could access. There were about 300 rounds of ammunition on a stairway, the FBI says, and thousands of rounds of ammo, camouflage clothing and a gun vault in another bedroom in the house. Agents eventually seized about 15 rifles and shotguns and 10 semiautomatic pistols....
So Dad owned the weapons, had them in a vault, mouthy kid may or may not have had access....but dad's guns are *pfffffffffft* gone.

How many Amendments did the FEEEBS break there?  As many as they wanted to.

Think about that.

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First, Last said...

I haven't trusted the feds for some time. Not local police. This guy needs a very good lawyer.