Saturday, August 17, 2019

Fast Talk, No Soul

Yes, that describes Little Benny Shapiro, the Los Angeles RadioMouth.

Or rather, 'Mouthpiece' for the Libertarian bunch which masquerades as "Conservative."

...The Reagan Revolution was inherited by the pushy ideologues and failed politicians who convinced themselves that the abstract ideas they cherished were responsible for Reagan’s success. They didn’t process the central reason for Reagan’s appeal to voters: that they felt he cared about them, their lives, and things that made life in America good for them. 
Over the years, Reagan’s good cheer and passion have been replaced with the unsympathetic posturing of various “conservative” ideologues....
Shapiro is one of them.  But don't think he's the only one.  If you've paid attention, you'll note that Limbaugh has seriously modified his chatter on matters economic, too.  For example, when Ross Perot claimed that NAFTA would demolish American jobs (accurately!!), Limbaugh mocked him mercilessly with a parody of "They're Coming to Take Me Away".  Somehow, that episode has been deleted from the "Radio Archives" Rush keeps someplace.

Trump, in office, and Tucker Carlson, on TeeVee, define the winning policy and rhetoric for Republicans these days.  Run away from them at your peril. Pubbies.

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