Thursday, August 15, 2019

AG Kaul Talks Like a Sausage

You can figure out what I mean by that.  It's not just because he's a Democrat carpetbagger, either.

The gun-grabber party is proposing a new gun-grabbing bill in the Legislature, so that's the excuse for writing this story.  Down near the bottom, Kaul makes a fool of himself.

Currently, there are federal background checks on gun purchases made from federally licensed dealers and state checks on handgun sales at those same dealers. The legislation would have required state checks on all gun purchases to ensure a new federal background check system was working properly.

Got that?  There are Federal background checks on all dealer gun sales in Wisconsin.  ALL of them.

This new proposal will require State background checks on all dealer gun sales in Wisconsin.  ALL of them, not just handguns.

Sure.  Because the Feds can't do it right.

So in comes AG Kaul!!

...Attorney General Josh Kaul said Thursday the state's laws that require background checks for some sales of guns but not for others make "no sense whatsoever."

"It's dangerous and we need to change it," he said
"Dangerous"?  How so, Joshkins??

In reality, Kaul really, really, really wants a database of gun owners, which is where this legislation eventually leads.

Keep wishing, Josh.

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Billiam said...

Over and over again, I've tried to explain to my anti-gun friends that EVERY weapon I've bought from a shop or show, I've had a background check run. I've also tried to explain that criminals don't go through those checks. They buy illegally because they usually have a record and can't legally own a firearm. UNFORTUNATELY, it does no good. They have a comprehension issue.