Saturday, August 10, 2019

Another Choo-Choo, and Subsidizing Lawyers, Too!!

Seems like recycling really, really, really bad ideas is in vogue.

 ...a private company is studying whether to revive the idea [of choo-choo trains].

But the plan by Wisconsin Transit & Realty Group — which could include trains to Waukesha and other suburbs — is likely to require some tax dollars, a significant political hurdle while the Legislature remains under GOP control....

No, that's not all.  There's another bunch sending smoke signals, too.

...Transit Innovations LLC, is making bold claims about building a privately funded $1.5 billion, 58-mile system from Milwaukee south to Oak Creek and west to Waukesha....
No mention of draining taxpayer pockets from them.  Yet.

Meantime, we're spending a ton of moola subsidizing lawyers and shoppers who commute to Chicago, too!!

....Since 2011, transportation officials have spent $11 million of state money and $53.4 million of federal cash to improve Hiawatha tracks, trains and stations in downtown Milwaukee and at Mitchell International Airport. The recently approved 2019-21 state budget authorizes another $52.8 million in state funds, matched by $93.3 million of federal and railroad money.

Most budgeted funds would help expand service from seven daily round trips to 10, a two-state effort that could cost more than $200 million and take until at least 2025....

That's for 858,000 rides.  Let's do some math....scritchscratchscritcchhhhhh..

That's $243.00 per ride.  Over seven years, that's $70.00 per round trip.   

You can bet that the lawyers are not reducing their billings by that amount, either.

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