Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lindsey's Poison Apples

Remember the story of Snow White and the poison apple?  Well, children, the story hasn't changed, but the lead characters did.  Here's how it plays out in Washington D.C.

Lindsey Graham has spent a lot of time very publicly kissing the a** of Trump, defending his initiatives, and throwing nastygrams at the Democrats.  There's a reason:  Graham wants The Donald to take just a little bite of two poison apples. 

The first one is the Apple of the Red Flag and Background Check.  The second one is the Apple of Everlasting War in Afghanistan.

When The Donald bites on Lindsey's poison offerings, The Donald will ........well, you know the story.

Lindsey Graham was John McCain's bestest forever friend and some things never change.  Trump probably knows the story of Snow White.  Let's hope he doesn't fall for this crap.

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Grim said...

Qatar, which invests in SC, is at least a third Apple.