Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lindsey's Tyranny Side Comes Out

Good ol' Lindsey.

The strange little man from South Carolina says a mouthful here.

...I’ve never seen the president this determined, quite frankly. I think he’s determined to do two things: to make sure that people who are suffering mental health problems, who are dangerous and — to themselves and others, that we act before they use the gun, and that we enhance background checks in a way that makes common sense....
Graham wants guns to be controlled grabbed from 'people...who are dangerous...to themselves and others', eh? 

Not their knives, not their 2-ton mobile weapons (cars), not their chainsaws....just Teh Guns.

That's striking in and of itself. 

Even MORE so is Lindsey's ability to see the future.  Kreskin would be proud of him, no?

You'd think Trump is smarter than that--and maybe he is; he hasn't spoken about any of the pending legislation--yet.  Maybe he thinks that HE is Kreskin?

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