Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lindsey's Ruling-Class Disease

It appears that Lindsey Graham still has "ruling class" disease.  That's the one where people who are in D.C. suddenly think they are smarter, better, and more moral than anyone else in the entire country.  It's a mental disease and should be "red-flagged", just like Fredo Cuomo's.  But I digress.

Lindsey strokes Trump's ego in the hope that Trump will fall for Graham's line of crap.  Who knows?  Maybe it will work.

Lindsey will get shrinks to accompany cops on their dis-armament missions.  So it's 4th-Amendment compatible, see, just like how Stalin had shrinks, too!!  See??  Shrinks make everything Constitutional!!!

And of course, good ol' Lindsey throws in that happy talk about how he 'owns an AR-15,' so that means he's one of the boys.

No, Lindsey, It means you had the $1200.00 to spend.

You should spend $1200.00 on coursework related to the history of gun-controlled countries.  Like pre-WWII Germany, or pre-WWII Russia, or Cuba, Venezuela, ........

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