Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Doofus Agency vs. Trump (and Common Sense)

The Daily Caller setup for this case is correct, but VERY incomplete.

A workplace anti-discrimination law does not cover transgender employees, the Trump administration told the Supreme Court in a new legal filing.

The case has created an internal split within the executive branch over the reach of Title VII, the civil rights law governing employment practices....
EEOC and EPA are the red-haired step-children in the Trump administration.  Both those agencies have been staffed by Total Loonies for decades.  In the case at hand, EEOC's wack-a-doodle decision, aided by the black-robed sparklefarts on the Sixth Circuit, are being opposed by a Justice Department which is headed by Normies (for the time being.)

So it's not really an 'internal split.'  It's a split between Planet Earth and the Other Galaxy.

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